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What to do if my Russian bride is dating other men

What to do if my Russian bride is dating other men


Why are Russian brides so attractive the foreigners?

“People meet, people fall in love, get married.” There are all types of people. And all of them may be different, not only as a person, but also in terms of the country of residence, religion, traditions and many others things. Let`s speak about Russian and Arab marriages. How does such pair meet, what are the difficulties in their relationships, how to understand the person with a different mentality?

Statistically, quite a lot of immigrants from Arab countries are married to Russian women. But now every fourth marriage is transnational. Why these marriages are so popular now? The reason is obvious as it occurs due the migration activity, mostly men, from these regions into Russia. The easiest way for the visitors to become insiders among strangers and to avoid their illegal immigrant status is to marry a Russian woman. Every fourth Russian lady gets married with people from the Caucasus or Central Asia. However, half of these marriages are fictitious, but the other half of them –occurs for love!

It should be obvious that divorces happen, and rather often at that. To be fair, it should be noted that strong inter-ethnic marriages were, are and will occur, but their percentage is low. If you ask a question, is interethnic marriage a progressive phenomenon or manifestation of backwardness? One Moscow professor said that “mixed marriages – is a form of genocide of the Russian people.” According his opinion, the son of Russian woman and Muslim “will be a Muslim.” And sometimes, the children select the nationality of that parent, who has higher social status.

So, how does Russian girl can find the foreign princes? Most of the times, such couples meet and study at the same university, sometimes in a cafe or on the streets, on parties of mutual friends, or on the Internet. Also Russians get acquainted with the Arabs, being on the vacation in the Arab countries. Pretty Russian bride is the most beautiful in the world, and it is a fact!

Why and what attractive is in eastern boys for Russian girls? Typically, the Arabs have a bright memorable appearance. They are extremely polite, attentive and create a very good impression about them. They know very well how to care for the girl and give expensive gifts.

How many stops must pass the single Russian lady on the way to the happiness? The first trick, which our Russian brides notice is eastern courtship. Russian men do not really know how to take care of the women. But, on the other hand, it is good as there is no real or sudden change after marriage. Foreigners are able to flatter subtly, to look with admiration, devotedly care before the wedding, because they know that after that, the wife will be faithful to her husband and children the rest of the life.

Many marriages fail in the beginning. In fact, a Muslim husband feels the strongest stress while being married. If this couple is going to live in the homeland of her husband, the woman should remember that getting married is not only for the sake of love, but also for his family. There`s very strong views divergence on the standards of spouse’s behavior, household management, rights and responsibilities of husband and wife in eastern traditions. According to human estimated Islamic morality, Russian girls have a frivolous behavior. However, nothing stands in the way of true love, right?

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